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Solar Home

The Chasez Solar Home

This new home in Debary Florida is an exemplary highly energy-efficient solar home that would make any environmentally-conscious person proud to live in.

During construction the home was fitted with a solar electric system, solar water system with tankless water heater, solar pool heating system and a Metlund water conservation kit. One of the advantages of installing solar systems during the home construction is that you can incorporate the system costs into your mortgage loan.

Solar Electric System

Solar Electric System

The Solar Electric system is grid-tied which allows the system to be interconnected with the utility grid. When the system is generating more power than it is being used, the excess energy is sold back to the utility. The total system size is 11.5 kW and produces enough electricity to power the entire house.

This system consists of 65 SolarWorld™ Solar Photovoltaic Modules 175 watts each, Sunny Boy™ SB7000US & SB6000US Solar Inverters and a UniRac™ mounting kit.

The photovoltaic modules convert light - photon -into an electric or voltaic current. The inverter converts the low voltage direct current (DC) into higher voltage alternative current (AC) for general household use.

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Solar Water Heating System

Solar Water HeaterThe solar hot water system is an Integrated Collector and Storage Passive system. Passive systems require no mechanical pumps or electronic components.

A solar water heater can produce 70% of a household water needs and save about 30% of electrical costs. If you want to go solar but are on a limited budget, consider a solar water heater first. With a much lower cost than a solar photovoltaic system, a solar water heater has a faster return on investment.

This system consists of a ProgressivTuve™ 50 gallon system with a 2 way control valve and can be used in conjunction with an instantaneous water heater.

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Tankless / Instantaneous Water Heater

Tankless SystemTankless or Instantaneous water heaters provide hot water only as it is needed as opposed to conventional heaters which heat the water in a storage tank and maintain it hot. The tankless heater is used to backup the solar water heating system. This compact heater measures less than 14 inches wide and weigh only 40lbs. More

2 Flash™ T-K3 tankless water heaters made by Takagi. Propane gas, 199,000 BTU, electronic ignition, AC120V

Instant Water - The Metlund
Water Conservation

Water recirculation pump systems are designed to be used with any hot water heating system and requires no special plumbing. Provides energy and water savings. Easy to install on new or existing homes. More

The Metlund™ S70TPFR hot water demand system includes a high performance pump, integrated controller, electronic zone valve and remote control.



Solar Pool Heater System

Solar Pool Heater The solar pool heater is made of commercial grade polypropylene plastic panels with carbon black to absorb solar energy and inhibitors that prevent deterioration. The system increases the pool water temperature by 20%. This solar water heater located in Florida will provide warm pool water all year long with no operational costs.

Mounting - The solar pool heater mounting consists of a wind-load certified aluminum rack and strapping system.

solar pool heater mounting and plumbing

This system consists of 13 Vortex™ solar panels, plumbing hardware, 3-way manual control valve, 2 check valves and mounting.

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